[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

This method lets you declare the Controls required by this FormParent.

string: The name that the control must have.

Type: The type that the control must have. Null accepted as wildcard.

Namespace:  Forcepoint.GUISS
Assembly:  Forcepoint.GUISS (in Forcepoint.GUISS.dll) Version: (


public abstract Dictionary<string, Type> DeclareRequiredControls()

Return Value

new Dictionary<string, Type>()


public override Dictionary<string, Type> DeclareRequiredControls()
    Dictionary<string, Type> tmp = new Dictionary<string, Type>();

    tmp.Add("rtb_Text", typeof(RichTextBox));
    //null is a wildcard.
    tmp.Add("btn_Open", null);
    tmp.Add("btn_Save", null);
    tmp.Add("btn_SaveAs", null);
    tmp.Add("btn_ChangeColor", null);

    return tmp;

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